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Protecting your World: Infection Control and Face Protection

From supplying the NHS and frontline workers, Medworx have developed the best infection control on the market. Using a face shield is not only a reminder to maintain social distancing and provide infection control, but doesn’t limit the visibility of facial expressions and lip movements for easy speech. Medworx custom face shields are reusable, can be easily cleaned, and are comfortable to wear. Our box sets now include a selection of sticker designs to make your face shield stand out from the rest, you can also design your own bespoke face shield labels. We now have a range of children’s face shields which come with a clear label so that each child can create their own designs.

As we all venture into a ‘new normal’ we have adapted the face shields to support this, whether you are commuting to work on public transport or wanting your children to be safe at school, we have developed face protection designs to help protect your world.

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