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We are MauveProduct, and we are keen to be able to offer our customers products that help them in their everyday life, from face shields to hand wipes, from sanitisation stands to cardboard desk screens.

We are also determined to do better for our planet. Wherever possible we will manufacture our products using recycled and recyclable material, such as FSC regulated cardboards, and special recycled ‘rPet’plastic.

Busy Mauveworx warehouse where the Medworx face shields are manufactured.


For five decades we have been designing, manufacturing, and distributing printed point of sale advertising for some of the world's largest brands as Mauveworx Ltd. The onset of the Coronavirus within the UK resulted in many of Mauveworx’s clients quite literally shutting-up shop for the duration. So with a burning desire to ‘do our bit’ and the capability to manufacture thousands of products in a week, we started supplying face shields to frontline workers. We went from strength to strength, making 7,500 in our first week of production, to being able to make 100,000 in a week.

We didn’t stop there. We continued to look for ways we could help reduce infection and help return to normality. From mobile infection mitigation units, to floor stickers. We have done it all.

Medworx face shields being used in a warehouse


The latest solution in office furniture and products.

We offer a wide range of desk screens, all fully customisable, to help reflect your business image into your workspace. From the sleek, modern aesthetic of our acrylic desk screens, to the privacy and colour provided by our cardboard desk screens, all of which are available in any size to suit your needs.

Office desks utilising the cardboard desk screen dividers from MauveOffice

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