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Get your employees back in the office

With the global shortage and high cost of Perspex®, we had to find another solution to help get people back to work. To achieve this, we have designed and built a durable popup desk screen, complete with windows, to provide protection for people working in an office environment.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective; over 60% cheaper than Perspex® screens.
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to install.
  • Supplied flat-packed and assembled in seconds.
  • No holes or desk securing required.
  • Incorporates multiple large, clear windows.
  • A range of sizes to fit standard desks.
  • Cable / monitor arm feed for tidiness and safety.
  • Research shows that COVID-19 cannot survive on cardboard surround.
  • Medical grade PET windows can be cleaned and sterilised.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Fully recyclable.
  • Fast UK delivery.


Technical Specification


  • 1600 x 800 mm
  • 1400 x 800 mm
  • 1200 x 800 mm


  • Windows: Medical grade PET.
  • Screen: EB Flute.


Desk Shield brochure

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