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September 15, 2021 2 min read

... Our Wipe Dispenser Solution!

A year has now passed since Bournemouth University approached us due to experiencing issues of wipe theft in public-facing areas as well as seeking a solution where the level of contact between the user and the dispenser can be minimised. 


Our Solution? 

By installing wall-mounted dispense units, this design enabled the wipes to remain secure and easy to locate. Beyond this, BU was able to personalise these units adding their own branding as well as featuring current government guidance graphics. Today, more than a 100 units have now been implemented across study spaces, open-access centres, libraries and more all across multiple campuses.



We spoke to Jim Evans, Campus Services Manager at Bournemouth University, to find out more information about their experience with the Wipe Dispensers


  • What Problems Were You Facing That Made You Require The Wipe Dispensers?

The key issue was being able to deploy wipes whilst minimising the risk of theft, particularly in the more student/public-facing areas.

The secondary issue was ensuring that the level of contact between the user and the dispenser is minimised. Lastly, we were keen at the public/student facing areas to have a professional-looking unit.


  • What Have Been The Biggest Benefits Overall Of Implementing The Wipe Dispensers?

It's probably the reduction in risk of theft and the overall professional impression of how we are managing the response to a very specific requirement.


  • What Has Been The Impact On Students and Staff?

Difficult to say however the feedback over the BU Estates response to the pandemic has been commended by many within the university and the deployment of the wipe dispensers has been part of this response.


Experiencing similar problems? We'd love to discuss with you further how we can assist your business in keeping you, your employees and visitors protected as well as giving them peace of mind. Our Wipe Dispensers can be fully customised with your unique branding and are eligible for a discount on bulk orders.